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older woman with a walker and her care managerWhether for a one time consultation or ongoing care management, we work with older people, their families, and their care partner to enhance their quality of life, encourage independence, and provide a safe and supportive living environment.

Who We Help

Care Partners

If you are caring for an older adult or someone living with chronic illness, Your Elder Experts can help. We understand how caregiving can overwhelm your best intentions. We can provide professional expertise and guidance. Partnering with a Care Manager can help care partners restore the balance to their lives and once again become a wife, husband, daughter, son, or friend.

Your Elder Experts can:

  • Provide respite for a care partner
  • Help you through a medical or emotional crisis
  • Advocate for clients to get appropriate medical care and social services
  • Guide clients and their care partners toward appropriate housing
  • Explain available community resources
  • Help with decision making and planning
  • Provide reassurance that you are on the right track
  • Educate you on end-of-life issues

Older Adults

Your Elder Experts understand the issues people face as they grow older. Our emphasis is on helping you live as independently as possible, supported by professionals who care. We collaborate with elder law attorneys and financial advisors for our clients’ estate planning. We have long-standing working relationships with private duty homecare providers to best match their services to your needs.

Meet with Your Elder Experts to:

  • Learn how to best plan for your future
  • Find out which resources are appropriate for you
  • Understand which benefits and insurance you are entitled to
  • Explore options for living independently or at an assisted-living facility, retirement community, or nursing home
  • Learn about programs that are available for your family members or care partners
  • Receive guidance around how to discuss difficult issues with your family
  • Make decisions about your future that feel right

Living with Chronic Illness

Few understand the challenge of living day in and day out with a chronic illness. Care Managers at Your Elder Experts have years of experience helping individuals and their families manage daily and ongoing needs associated with chronic illness such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Sometimes the best way you can care for an older family member or someone with chronic illness is to find a professional to partner with for support and guidance. Your Elder Experts specializes in assisting people living throughout Greater Boston with issues that arise as they age. As experienced Care Managers with the compassion of family members, our professional assistance can be especially helpful to family members who live far away from their relative.

Your Elder Experts can help when:

  • You need someone at medical appointments to help understand instructions and make sure they are followed
  • You need guidance on resources, medical care, or end-of-life decisions
  • Your family needs help with communication and decision making
  • You want a professional to help mediate differences of opinion about care options
  • You live at a distance or don’t have a close relationship with your relative but want to be sure they are well cared for
  • You live in Greater Boston and need advice about how best to move your parents closer to you
  • You want to know if your relative is receiving all the benefits and services for which he/she is eligible
  • You need someone to coordinate a range of services, including medical, home care, and community supports


Physicians caring for older adults and those living with chronic illness understand the challenges of aging successfully. Family members and patients often turn to their doctors for guidance, many times about issues well beyond their role as medical managers.

Consider referring older adults, their families, or care partners to Your Elder Experts if your patient:

  • Is having trouble following instructions, taking medications, or is too overwhelmed to understand the instructions, missing appointments, or calling frequently
  • Is unable to coordinate complicated decision making and necessary care
  • Would benefit from someone to update family members on a medical condition, current medications, or prescribed care
  • Requires a move to an assisted-living facility or nursing home
  • Is making repeated hospital or emergency room visits
  • Needs an advocate in negotiating a complicated health care system
  • Has family members who have limited time, resources, and expertise or live at a distance
  • Has family members or care partners who are exhausted and need support and guidance
  • Has family members who disagree about next steps
  • Needs assistance with end-of-life issues and coordination of services
  • Has limited or no social support

"I have found Your Elder Experts to be a wonderful resource for many of our patients: easy to reach, easy to work with, and lots of ideas and services. Collaborating with a Care Manager makes my job easier and assures appropriate follow through for my patients." ---- Greater Boston geriatrician


Elder law and estate attorneys, financial planners, visiting nurses, or housing managers sometimes encounter a person who needs the care or services Your Elder Experts can provide.

Care Management is a valuable service you can offer your clients when they:

  • Need an advocate for dealing with an issue beyond your professional abilities
  • Require extra help but their family has limited time, resources, and expertise or lives at a distance
  • Have a family or care partner who is exhausted and needs support and guidance
  • Are facing end-of-life issues requiring sensitive coordination of services
  • Are expecting home care staff to take on responsibilities that exceed what they were hired to do
  • Need to transition into more appropriate housing and need an objective evaluation of where to go
  • Appear to no longer be able to take care of themselves or their home
  • Appear to have a change in health or mental status
  • Have family members who disagree about next steps

"I really appreciate the relationship that we have developed with your office and I am very happy to refer cases to you and your excellent staff of Care Managers. It's nice giving out a name with total confidence that your clients will be well taken care of." ----- Boston elder law attorney

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